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Thank you for coming here today.  This is the beginning of a wonderful journey for us.


I would like to start out by asking you a question. 

 What  brings you the most love and satisfaction in your life 

without guilt, 

without deception, 

without lies, 

and without perceived notions of rewards to come?


If you are not sure, you are not alone, many of us can not answer this question, 

we might even have trouble perceiving the reality of the question.  


Now let me draw you focus on something more real to you, in your life, 

that you have had privilege of experiencing, 

let me tell you what happened one day  going to the store.


It was a hot day, I was in a hurry, like most of us, as I ran into the store, 

I was pulling out my money from my pocket to count it, when a dime fell out.  

Just a dime, I had more, but as I was more concerned with my money, 

I was careful that nothing else fell out, 

as such the dime rolled off toward the entrance to the store.  

When I noticed this young child, of eight or ten was reaching over

 and picking up my lost dime, she turned and looked at me and sheepishly smiled 

and presented me with the dime.

I reached out and welcomed the kind gesture, and thanked the young girl.  


Now in that moment, hold that moment, feel that moment, 

I am certain you can think of a time this has happened to you?


The beauty that you and I see is the simplicity in what happened, 

a very simple thing, that has a profound effect on you and I.  

I was helped. 

 I felt good and the helper smiled in light of the good deed. 

 It takes very little to be able to appreciate this, 

but in today's world this simple act is becoming harder to find,

or more important, even more difficult to recognize.


This site and all the contents here are to help you, 

find and recognize the greatest joy in life.

To Help.  We are here to help.

I will help you to help yourself, and in turn you will help others.

Which is a gift I will teach you.


Our Journey has just begun.

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